As a football player at the University of Kansas, Kwamie Lassiter II followed in his late father’s footsteps to take the field for the Jayhawks. With the goal of building his personal and professional brand through his journey as an NFL hopeful, Kwamie enlisted the expertise of QCM Agency and QSports. We teamed up to elevate his image with a new website, social channels, graphics and other digital content. 

Website Development

QCM Agency built Kwamie’s website from the ground up. With Kwamie, our team determined creating a sleek and polished design, promoting his image, story and athletic accomplishments would best fit his goals. Check it out!

Graphic Design



kwamie lassiter logo

When creating graphics for Kwamie, the focus was to showcase his athletic abilities and passion for football in a way that aligned with his own style. Kwamie’s logo (right) and graphics were created for his website and social media to establish consistent branding across platforms. Graphics were then delivered weekly, and the color scheme chosen was meant to represent his personality as well as school colors.   

Social Media

QCM Agency began managing Kwamie’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With all the effort Kwamie was putting toward football, he wanted to stay connected with his fans on social media. So, QCM supported his platforms with social media post creation and curation to boost his professional athletic image. The topics of the content shared on his social media platforms were similar to the blog posts we contributed, reflecting Kwamie’s life and his passion for football.

Content Creation 

Our writers gave Kwamie’s fans a peek at a-day-in-the-life of a college football star and aspiring NFL player. Blogs for Kwamie included topics on health and wellness, favorite pregame songs, and even personal narratives like, “Call Me Kwamie.”

QCM Agency is thrilled to work with Kwamie Lassiter and help him pursue his dreams of becoming an NFL player. To read more from our agency, check out our blog for additional tips, insight and more on digital marketing!