Digital marketing is incredibly broad and consists of many ideologies. But, because of its broad range, there is a lot of information and misinformation spread about how best to succeed. It’s very common for business owners, and even marketing professionals, to hold viewpoints about how to best market their brand. However, some viewpoints could actually hinder a brand’s performance if they don’t line up with marketing facts. There are a lot of digital marketing myths out there that are believed by many. Businesses end up wondering why their digital presence is not doing so well. We’ll go over some popular digital marketing myths, and you’ll find out if some of your beliefs don’t quite line up with the truth!

“You only need digital marketing.”

Marketing your business online is essential for your success. But, you shouldn’t completely ignore traditional and event marketing altogether. While more people are on the web than ever before, there is still a huge part of the population that will see your billboards, magazine articles, and newspaper ads. Event marketing is also a huge plus for your business. It allows you to interact with and build relationships with your community in person. It take the business-consumer relationship to a whole new level.

“All content should be about my business and services.”

As a matter of fact, many consumers around the world often complain that companies that promote to them are way too promotional. The purpose of content marketing is to engage with your audience. You want to speak with them and not at them. When all the content you post only talks about your business, no one asks questions, and it’s less of a two-way conversation. Your business needs to act human because you are competing with other humans. Spend less time talking about your business and more time getting to know your audience. A bad first date is one where one person does nothing but talk about themself the entire time.

“I don’t need to worry so much about social media if I keep up with my website.”

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. You can create the best content and have one of the best businesses in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one sees it. It’s not enough to just have your business floating around the web. You need to let people know you exist. While organic and paid traffic are highly valuable for drawing attention to your content, social media is the go-to way to effectively communicate with your audience. You want to build positive and long-lasting relationships with your audience to encourage them to engage with your content or ask questions.

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Many brands neglect their social presence, thinking that their target customers aren’t using social media. In fact, social media is used by almost everyone. Another reason is that businesses feel that using social media is a waste of time because consumers will search on Google and eventually find their business. The major problems with this thinking is that it takes time for your site to be indexed, and there are no guarantees that you’ll outrank your competitors, or are even ranked on the first page of search results. It is also difficult to build meaningful relationships with your readers if they are only on your website.

“Social media made email marketing ineffective.”

While social media is a key player in building your community, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to promote your content and increase conversions. All supporting data proves email marketing to be even more effective than other mediums for converting potential customers. In fact, consumers engage with 11 brands a day via email, compared to 9 brands via Facebook and 8 brands via Twitter. Also, almost 70% of consumers utilize coupons or promotions with brands sent to them through emails. Email marketing still deserves a spot in your marketing campaign.

email marketing

“SEO is a waste of time.”

Search engine optimization is more important now than ever before. If you haven’t had the chance to read up on the importance of SEO, do that to grasp an understanding of why you desperately need to implement it. SEO serves as a strong foundation for your online presence and includes website performance, content marketing, keyword research, link building, and so much more. 

SEO is the reason for great website performance, relevant content, online popularity, and you outranking your competitors. Without implementing proven SEO techniques, you are pushing your brand to the back of the line. Set search engine optimization as a top priority in your marketing campaign, and you will see great results in search results.


“SEO is just all about keywords.”

A very long time ago, SEO was pretty straightforward. You could pretty much stuff keywords onto a page until you were the first in search results. But, the internet, especially search engines, have evolved into more than they once were. Now, if you stuff keywords into a page, you are likely to be penalized, and your site could lose its rankings. Somehow, some still believe keywords are everything in SEO. Even though they are important, there is a lot more to consider.

SEO pretty much consists of factors from every area of digital marketing and can fit into one of the ‘three buckets’ of SEO. Keywords are just a portion of SEO. SEO also relies on your website’s speed and performance, any backlinks you acquire, and more. After a recent update with Google’s algorithm, page performance is now a top ranking factor.

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“I don’t need to be online because my customers aren’t.”

As it turns out, more people are utilizing the web before making in-store purchases. According to research, over 80% of consumers conduct their own research online before deciding to make a purchase for goods or services. Your customers may come into your store to make purchases, but could that be because there isn’t an online option? The rate of digital shopping is steadily increasing. Over 2.14 billion consumers are expected to make online purchases for goods and services in 2021 alone. Now that more consumers are shopping online, don’t think they won’t search elsewhere when your business is nowhere to be found online.

If your competitors also aren’t online, now would be the best time to get ahead of the curve. That would put you a step ahead of the competition and allow you to be the only viable option.

“Ads should appeal to as many people as possible.”

A lot of businesses and marketers think their ads should be shown to the widest possible audience. They think that more people seeing their ads automatically turns into more sales. This isn’t always the case. You want to target your ads to people that are relevant to your business. The problem with this marketing misconception is that you have to dilute your message enough to appeal to more viewers. However, your diluted message doesn’t relate to anyone as strongly as it needs to in order to convert to actual customers. This will lead to more money spent on advertising and fewer conversions. Instead, get as specific as you can with your audience.

ad targeting

“Once my website is up and running, it’ll automatically generate visitors.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Getting your website online is only a portion of the work. Then comes frequent and consistent content, page optimization, and promotion. Many businesses are misguided by the thought that their website will automatically be relevant and rank on the top page in search results. Leads don’t start flowing naturally. In reality, it takes time to attract website visitors. First, they need to know your website exists. You need to focus on search engine optimization, blogs, paid ads, social media, and more. The more you work at it, the more benefits you see long-term. 

website under construction

In The Construction Maintenance Under Construction

“It’s all about the followers.”

With this viewpoint, you can end up driving your social media through the ground. You end up focusing on getting more followers and thinking ‘the more, the merrier.” Some businesses even buy their followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In turn, these businesses end up promoting their content to individuals who are not interested in their goods and services or are not relevant. When measuring social media goals and metrics, we tend to look at the amount of likes, comments, and followers. These are valuable metrics, but only if the followers are valuable. Look more into what comments are saying, how many people are visiting your website, conversion rates, and other similar metrics. 

When trying to grow your social media following, simply post content that is relevant to your business and relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. Utilize hashtags, locations, and even post meaningful content in relevant groups or communities. Your followers end up being those who are actually interested in your business when you focus on growing them organically. These followers are more likely to convert to customers or add true value to your online presence.

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That’s a wrap on digital marketing myths.

When building a marketing strategy, make sure you are implementing techniques that actually work. These digital marketing myths are ineffective and can have a negative impact on your brand. Oftentimes, marketers and business owners have viewpoints that are ineffective for their marketing campaigns. At QCM Agency, we want to debunk digital marketing myths that can harm your marketing efforts. If you found out you’ve likely been doing it wrong after reading this article, we’d love to chat! We offer marketing consultations that will take your business a step forward in developing a marketing strategy that is proven and effective. We only want our communities to thrive. 

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