Gaige Prim is a client of QCM Agency’s NIL program. Our NIL program was created so athletes could benefit from their personal brand (name, image, and likeness). Throughout the program, we help athletes manage their image via social media, content, and even endorsement deals. Now, in order to be successful and help Gaige reach his goals for his personal brand, we put a lot of effort into getting to know the real Gaige. Who is Gaige Prim? What does Gaige Prim like? What are his interests? Gaige is a senior basketball player for Missouri State University, and that’s how a lot of people are familiar with him. We interviewed Gaige Prim and asked about his likes and interests because there is a lot more to him than just basketball. And, we quite like who he is. 

Below are some facts about Gaige Prim and his likes and interests and what he likes to do in his free time.


He loves smoothies.

Gaige Prim loves a good smoothie with fruits, sometimes veggies, and the right amount of protein. Sometimes, it’s that one thing that leaves him feeling refreshed and energized. Besides, being extremely active like he is, they really help him keep up with his game. 


He’s a gamer.

What young adult male doesn’t love video games? Gaige loves to play video games on his Playstation, whether it be to wind down from a long day, clear his head, or even to fight boredom. When he has the time outside of playing basketball and spending time with family, playing video games is his way to put reality on hold for a bit. 


He is interested in stock trading.

Stock trading is becoming extremely popular, and more young adults are trying to learn about it. Gaige has noticed its growing popularity and wants to learn about investing and trading stocks. Stock trading is the act of buying and selling stocks frequently with a goal of making short-term profits instead of focusing on long-term gains.


He loves hiking.

Gaige Prim is a lover of the outdoors. Hiking is actually one of his favorite outdoor activities. He also had the pleasure of visiting Colorado and fell in love with the scenery and atmosphere. There’s nothing like enjoying the fresh air and all that mother nature has created. 


He loves spending quality time with family.

Gaige Prim is a huge family man. He takes advantage of all the time he can get spending time with family. Some of his favorite things to do with family include grilling out at his Nana’s house, playing basketball with family members, and watching movies together. 


He likes watching UFC.

Watching UFC fights is something Gaige loves to do with his friends. Many of Gaige’s friends play basketball with him. But, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up in their free time. 


He’s an animal lover.

Gaige is a huge animal lover. While most people are either a dog OR a cat person, he claims to equally like both. While his schedule is as busy as it can get right now, he does not have any pets that are his alone. However, he would like to adopt either a dog or cat in the future. What do you think, fans? Which one should Gaige get first?


He loves Converse shoes.

Converse is actually his favorite brand of shoes. When he’s not in his basketball uniform, you can almost guarantee that whatever he has on, he is pairing it with a nice pair of Converse shoes. Chuck Taylor, baby!


He is a foodie.

What athlete doesn’t love to eat? Gaige’s favorite food is actually hot wings! Second to that is seafood. Gaige actually got to participate in Harbell’s Wing Wars, where teams got to taste-test wing flavors, pick their favorite, and rename it. The wing flavor, Golden Bear, is only available at Harbell’s Grill and Sports Bar. 


He is a music lover.

Gaige is a huge lover of music and actually loves most genres of music. Usually, no matter what type of music you turn on, he enjoys it. Music tells stories in a creative way. Listening to music is also a way for Gaige to block out his surroundings, clear his head, and get into the zone.


Getting to know our clients is one of our favorite things to do. At QCM Agency, we don’t just get clients. We create a family atmosphere. Is there something you want to know about Gaige Prim? Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries! Take a look at our QSports blog!