Gaige Prim

Senior Forward for the Missouri State Bears

Gaige Prim: Who is he?

Forward for the Missouri State University basketball team, Gaige Prim is QCM Agency’s first NIL client.

Gaige Prim, originally from Aurora, Colorado, is a forward for the Missouri State Bears. Gaige had recently joined QCM Agency’s NIL program to focus on showing the world his personal brand and who he is as a basketball player. QCM’s NIL program was built to help athletes benefit from their personal brand (name, image, and likeness). Gaige Prim is passionate about his athletic career and knows the importance of how he portrays himself. He hopes that his athletic prowess and passion for basketball will take him to the pros. 

NIL with kj lassiter, gaige prim, and niko mcmillan

Take a look at his stats. 

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Gaige Prim is passionate about volunteering within the community and inspiring others.

Gaige Prim recently volunteered to contribute in the Bears, Badges, and Kids program. Bears, Badges, and Kids is a development program for children that was started by head coach Dana Ford. The program serves as an opportunity to bring Springfield youth, basketball players and local law enforcement together for monthly basketball clinics in the summer months. Gaige Prim and fellow teammates worked with dozens of kids to polish their shooting, rebounding, passing skills and more. Plus, kids got to hear advice from coaches and law enforcement officers alike throughout the clinics.

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