Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is usually a day of wildly-good deals on tech, clothes, and more. Because of these high-demand, limited-time offers, brick and mortar stores quickly overflow with customers, even as early as Thanksgiving evening. But this year, as COVID-19 continues to pose health risks for the second year in a row, businesses still stand at the crossroads of safety and selling.

Check out our tips for getting the best of both worlds this holiday shopping season!

Stay safe

If you do expect large in-person crowds on Black Friday, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to keep your staff and customers safe. Many cities, counties, states may still have some sort of COVID-19 guidelines in place. But of course, officials can’t monitor every single business to be sure they’re adhering to the rules. That’s why it’s important to do your part. Keep track of customers coming in and out of your business, and make sure plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and distancing reminders are in place.

Offer online-only deals

Cyber Monday, which follows a few days after Black Friday, is typically reserved for online deals. But why not start a little early? The safest and most hassle-free option for customers, recommended by numerous health officials, is to stay home this Black Friday. Plus, there’s nothing better than shopping while bundled up in a cozy blanket in the comfort of your living room.

Black Friday 2020 permanently shifted shopping habits, with many people adapting to online ordering who will never go back to their old ways of going in-store. So, you might as well be available where many of your consumers will already be this Black Friday — on their phone or computer! Offer some of your best deals only through your website to show customers they can still get a great selection on your website, without having to brave the crowds. 

Stagger your deals

Like offering more online deals, many businesses are extending their Black Friday deals to a weeks-long or even month-long affair. Big stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target are offering early deals. Likely in an effort to increase sales, but from an altruistic lens, maybe also to decrease large in-person crowds on Black Friday and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Black Friday’s appeal is largely in the idea of a “limited-time offer” because they drive up consumer demand and urgency. But no matter if an offer is available for 12 hours or 12 days, people will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the deal. If you still want to create that Black Friday-esque appeal, try offering a few different deals for a few weekends in a row. By doing this, you can almost create multiple mini-shopping holidays and stay safe with smaller crowds each time.

Let your customers have their cake and eat it, too

Sure, Black Friday is traditionally thought of as the biggest shopping day of the year to buy things for other people. But, that doesn’t mean your shoppers can’t treat themselves, too! Get creative with your offers and include something that rewards the buyer as well. Maybe it’s offering double reward points that day only. Or maybe, it’s throwing in a free gift for themselves if they reach a certain spending total. Regardless of what it is, it lets your customers know you’re thinking of them, too, in addition to their gift recipients. 

Focus on Small Business Saturday

Black Friday advertising is, unsurprisingly, overrun by big box stores that can pay big bucks for TV spots, billboards and more. Plus, with the shopping holiday creeping earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving, following the lead of those big stores could unnecessarily pull your employees away from valuable family time on Turkey Day. Thankfully, the day just after Black Friday is dedicated to supporting local shops over those retail giants. Over 99% of businesses in the U.S. are considered small businesses, according to the Small Business Administration. So chances are, that includes your business! 

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