At the end of June, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shared an update explaining that Instagram is no longer a “photo-sharing app.” Instead, the platform will focus on four major areas: video, creators, messaging, and shopping. So, the platform is stepping back from photo-sharing a little and honing into more opportunities. 

Here is the video announcement of Mosseri sharing the upcoming changes.

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“The number one reason people say that they use Instagram in research is to be entertained.”  

Instagram is looking for new ways to entertain.

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram is looking for new ways to entertain its users. More users are creating and sharing videos to connect with their friends, family, and audiences. There is more for Instagram to embrace, and that calls for change. 

Instagram has taken note from TikTok and Clubhouse. Clubhouse was founded in 2020, which features audio chat rooms with speakers talking about any topic imaginable. Instagram also expanded its reels feature globally last month. To better support both video and shopping, Instagram debuted its shopping in reels feature in December. This allows creators and merchants to tag products when creating reels. 

To better support creators and influencers, Instagram now has a shopping tool. Select creators can tag products from affiliate brands or sell their own. In the next couple of months, Instagram will test the “native affiliate tool” that lets creators earn commission on purchases by sharing items with their followers. Creators are also able to earn money after reaching certain milestones on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram is offering easier shopping experiences.

Mosseri stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has “accelerated the shift of commerce from offline to online by a number of years, and we’re trying to lean into that trend.”

Over the next couple of months, Instagram will roll out and start testing more changes to video, exploring all the possibilities. The platform has an idea of where it wants to end up within a year, and there will likely be even more changes to come before then. 

What does this mean for your marketing strategy now that Instagram is no long a photo-sharing app?

This may mean you want to re-evaluate your Instagram marketing strategy. Businesses have been primarily using Instagram to share photos and graphics of their services, products, and updates to followers. But, that was back when Instagram’s primary focus was photo sharing with followers. Now that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app, it might be time to revamp your social media strategy. Just as Instagram is wanting to stay competitive and ahead of the curve, you want to do the same. Reels are becoming more popular every day. If your business has not been taking advantage of this feature, now is the time to start. Using the shopping feature to tag your products and share with your followers is also something you want to start doing.

Instagram has made the effort to improve the experience for merchants, businesses, creators, and influencers by updating these features. Now, it’s time to put them to full use. 

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