Niko McMillan is one of QCM Agency’s NIL clients. Niko is originally from Orlando, Florida, where he played four years of football for Dr. Phillips High School. Then he moved to Tuskegee, Alabama, and currently plays for the Tuskegee University Golden Tigers football team as a defensive back. He recently joined QCM Agency as a client after the launch of our NIL program in hopes of getting support for his personal brand.


Niko McMillan and who he is outside of football.


While Niko is extremely passionate about football and dreams to make it to the pros one day, there is a lot more to him than you would expect. Follow along as we discuss everything that makes Niko an exceptional individual.


Niko is religious and puts God before all things. 

Niko McMillan actually has specific bible verses for every situation. Therefore, when he is feeling alone, he might refer to Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 23:4, or Romans 8:31-38. And when he is feeling broken-hearted, he refers to Psalm 34:17-18, Psalm 73:26, or Psalm 147:3. No matter what emotion he is feeling, he always tries to foster that connection.


Niko has his own clothing line.

Niko McMillan’s clothing line is EraOneWorldWide. This store provides consumers with stylish clothing for men and women for different spending budgets. This year Niko was invited to have a pop-up shop at his university campus where he could sell his products to fellow students.


He loves food.

Believe it or not, Niko’s favorite food is actually Indian cuisine! Upon trying it, he has found himself to crave it quite frequently. His second favorite food is chicken wings. So do you think he would love Harbell’s award-winning chicken wings?


His favorite athlete is Jalen Ramsey.

Jalen Ramsey plays for the Los Angeles Rams as a cornerback for the NFL. Jalen is currently ranked as the #13 player on the “top 100 NFL players” ranking. Also, he is religious and uses that as his biggest inspiration. This commonality is one major reason Niko admires him. 


His favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.

Niko is a huge supporter of the Green Bay Packers. One reason for this is that his father was actually a cornerback a while ago. Therefore, he tries to watch as many Green Bay Packers games as possible.


He is a big supporter of Minorities in Business. 

Niko McMillan wants to be an inspiration in the world, and that’s a big reason why he loves Minorities in Business. Minorities in Business is a leader in advancing minority business opportunities in the Southwest Missouri region. Niko aims to be a part of this movement one day.


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