Because sports are our passion.

What is QSports?

QSports is QCM Agency’s branch dedicated specifically to sports, because we LOVE SUPPORting THOSE WITH OUR same passion.


Here you can find information on our QWorld Podcast, read up on our QSports blog, and learn more about how we help build athletes’ digital brands.

QWorld was created to connect with ambitious and motivated individuals to discuss struggles, the ability to overcome obstacles, and working toward goals. Specifically within the sports industry, a heavy topic on our podcast, you need to stay ambitious and motivated to reach your goals. Follow us to discover the journey of major sports players, coaches, and mentors to help you work toward your personal athletic goals.

Already having thousands of subscribers, QWorld serves athletes, aspiring athletes, coaches, and sports fans with one of the web’s best sports podcasts. On QWorld, our CEO, Marlin Blakeney, talks with some of the industry’s greatest on how they reached success, advice for aspiring athletes, and industry updates.

Whether you are just a sports fan, mentor, or aspiring professional, subscribe to QWorld today! Follow us as we speak with sports idols to give you inspiration to reach your goals and give you insight on what to expect along your journey.

QWorld podcast

QWorld is our place to talk motivation and positivity.

QWorld was created to foster positivity. In a world that seems so negative, we hope to have a positive impact. The phrase “welcome to the real world” has always had a negative connotation behind it. QWorld is our way of creating inspiration and motivation to act positively and have a positive impact in the real world. Subscribe to our channel and follow along on discussions about motivation, inspiration, and aspiration. No matter the battles you face, stay positive!

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Amp up your personal brand and athletic identity with our NIL (name, image, and likeness) services.

In June 2021, the NCAA announced that it removed restrictions preventing college athletes from benefiting from their personal brand. This is great news for college athletes around the nation. At QCM Agency, we will take your personal brand to stardom with social media, public relations, and endorsement deals.

NIL is changing the world of sports, and we want to get you ahead of the game. You are now able to benefit financially from your name, image, and likeness, so let’s get started!

We have strong connections in the sports industry that can benefit you and your athletic journey. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to reach your goals. Let us take on the huge burdens. Let us be a part of that journey.

Gaige Prim

Forward for the MSU Bears

Niko McMillan

Defensive Back for the TU Golden Tigers

Kylan Mabins

Quarterback for the Kickapoo High School Chiefs

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QSports Blog

Let’s talk about how we can help you in the sports industry.

 Sports marketing doesn’t have to just be about promoting sports teams and events. What we do is a little different. We offer NIL services to help individual athletes reach their personal brand’s fullest potential. We understand that you are trying to reach your dreams and stay motivated with athletic achievements. With that, you don’t have all the time in the world to manage your followers and your presence across the web. That’s why we do it for you.

In our QSports blog, we discuss the importance for athletes to maintain a positive online presence, opportunities for aspiring athletic professionals, industry updates you care about, and athletes we have helped along the way. If you are an athlete, aspiring professional athlete, mentor, coach, a subscriber to our QWorld podcast, or are simply just interested, subscribe to our newsletter!