When customers purchase a product or service from you, there is likely something about your brand that stood out to them. You may think you know what differentiates you from your competition, but it is important to fully understand what makes your brand unique in the eyes of your customers. What you think makes you better than your competition might not be what customers think makes you better. You want to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and set yourself up for success.

Authority in marketing is when you have a competitive advantage as an ‘expert’ and position your brand in a way that makes customers choose you instead of your competitors. In this article, we will discuss the seven pillars of authority marketing that will help you gain a leg up against your competitors.


Consumers are drawn to a presence, not just a brand’s name. A huge part of branding is developing a personable identity for your brand. Consumers are more drawn to individuals and brands with character rather than just a company. This involves being recognizable and consistent across all channels where your target audience exists.

Content Marketing

To create a valuable brand identity, you need to publish relevant content that speaks to your audience. This involves blogs, social media posts, advertisements, books, and all other types of print and digital media. When you provide consistent content that is valuable to your audience, you increase your authority with that audience.

Referral Marketing

Think of the phrase “word of mouth.” Referral marketing is when your customers speak highly about your brand’s products and services, increasing the value to potential customers. It works when you provide solutions to customers’ problems and inform them that you can also solve others’ problems. When customers are highly satisfied with your business, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Lead Generation

The more authority your brand has, the more leads you will generate. Many consumers simply are not ready for a free consultation or to make a purchase. They may just not be interested enough yet. What can you offer an interested individual who is not yet ready to convert to a loyal customer? Maybe you can provide them with a free ebook or webinar on a relevant topic. Many business owners miss this opportunity because they assume consumers will automatically become customers when they are ready. But, there are different stages of a consumer’s buying process, and interest can be considered a stage itself. 

Public Relations and Media

It’s important to take all the chances you get to be featured in media. This may include television, blogs, radio, and more. It’s funny that people won’t always believe what you have to say, but when the media says it, it’s a lot more believable. That’s because people generally believe that when you are featured on any type of media, you must be somewhat of an expert. Public relations is a way to increase your authority with consumers.


It’s one thing to be charismatic when speaking to one person, but it’s a completely different level when speaking to a wider audience. When you use storytelling to share your passion, knowledge, and value to a large group of people, you are able to increase your authority. Your message is getting across to a larger audience all at once. Your audience will have more admiration for you and your brand, especially when they can put a face to it.


Events are the perfect opportunity for your audience to bring awareness of your brand to guests like their family and friends. This will allow you to meet more people and create more solid relationships. Events can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. They can be webinars, shopping parties, banquets, boot camps, appreciation events, fundraisers, and much more. These events allow you to build even more authority for your brand and create lasting relationships while at it. 

All businesses can benefit from authority marketing.

In reality, every business wants to be the best in its industry. Building authority is a way to make that happen. It’s important for your audience to know who your brand is and why they should choose your brand out of all the available options. The best way to make that happen is to connect with your audience any chance you get. That includes within content, social media, on television, at events, and much more. Creating meaningful connections builds value for your brand. Your value and authority is what sets you apart. 

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