Digital marketing can give athletes the exposure needed to take their brand to the next level, no matter what stage of life they’re in. 

That’s why QCM Agency has launched it’s all-new NIL (name, image, likeness) services to support athletes through it all. In June 2021, the NCAA announced that collegiate athletes were able to officially begin benefiting from their name, image and likeness — something that prior had kept high school and college athletes from hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless opportunities in sponsorships, brand deals and more. Now, QCM can help you build your brand from the very start, so you can make the most of your image for years to come. 

Planning Ahead

The average career span for a professional athlete across all sports is 10 years. In some high-contact, hard hitting sports, the span is much less than that — about 3.5 years for NFL and WNBA players, and only slightly higher for NBA (4.8 years), NHL (5.5 years) and MLB (5.6 years).

This means that by the time most athletes retire from sports, they may only be in their mid-30’s, leaving them with decades of life left to do something other than play professional sports.

Athletes are their own one-person business. If they do it right by leaning into digital marketing, they can find great success after sports, whether it be as a sports commentator, an entrepreneur, or simply using their own likeness to promote other brands in the media, or even their own company or organization.

Taking advantage during your career 

If athletes only focus on playing the game throughout their active career — defining themselves based only on their physical abilities — they may not have many lucrative paths to pursue after sports retirement. 

If all they’ve used digital platforms for while playing is to post cool photos of themselves on Instagram and lash out at trolls on Twitter, how positively does that live on after they’re done playing?

If they spend time building up their brand — what they have to offer outside of shooting, hitting and tackling — they’ll have a much higher chance of carrying on that brand to make it lucrative long after their playing days are over.

Using your platform as a recruiting tool

The same rings true, maybe even more so, on the flip side as athletes are just beginning their careers. Establishing a strong and positive digital presence as a collegiate or even high school athlete can make or break the opportunity to take one’s talents to the next level.

For example, take a basketball player at a Division II or even small Division I school — if they spend their four years of college posting game highlights across platforms and building a network of followers, that might just be a big reason they end up getting picked up by a professional team. 

Whereas, if a top Division I basketball player at a Power Five school spends their four years racking up dozens of angry and harmful tweets sent without a filter, they could lose out on the opportunity to go pro due to their negative reputation off the court or field.

Throughout your journey, QCM and our NIL services are here to help

From high school athletes who are just starting to get noticed by universities and college athletes looking to be drafted professionally, to current pros planning for life after sports and retired athletes wanting to enter the digital world, QCM is here to help you leverage your image to help build your brand before, during and after your collegiate and professional sports career with digital marketing. 

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